Hair transplants have made significant progress in the last 10 years by striving for effective results and a procedure with no downtime. Thanks to MediQhair hair transplant techniques, hair transplant surgeons and patients are able to achieve their goals.

Technique Anesthesia Time Recovery period
MediQhair FUE Lokaal 4-6 hours. Depending on the amount of grafts. Intervention: 7 days. Optimal Results: 9-12 months.

Treatment technique: MediQhair FUE

The MediQhair FUE Technique is a custom treatment technique based on the client’s medical profile. 

This technique is an extension of the FUE technique with a set of proven, results-oriented protocols for solving problems such as: scalp problems, weak donor hairs, blood flow, a depleted donor area and other health problems. 

We understand that the medical condition of the client has an indirect effect on the final result of the hair transplant. 

Regardless of our client’s medical profile, we are able to apply the appropriate protocol. 

In the preparatory step, our specialized doctors do an examination with a checklist, such as: scalp, need for pretreatment donor area, oxygen and blood flow near hair follicles and other issues.

These secondary effects contribute to a fantastic result in the long run. 

Through many surgeries over the years, our specialized doctors have the experience and skills that allow them to achieve the best possible results for our clients time after time.

MediQhair combines excellent specialized doctors with luxurious experience to achieve fantastic results!

The Benefits of MediQhair FUE

MediQhair combines excellent specialized doctors with luxurious experience to achieve fantastic results!


MediQhair FUE is the process by which lost or thinning hair, is replaced by transplanting healthy follicles from a donor area on the head. It is a minimally invasive hair restoration method that requires skill and precision to achieve the best results.



A general medical check is carried out.
The client is given a painless local anaesthetic.
In order to achieve the best results, the client receives a preparatory treatment in the hospital before the operation. These treatments improve the final result by reducing the recovery period after the procedure.



The procedure, which takes one to two hours, begins with a circular incision or "punch" that separates the hair follicle from the surrounding tissue and leaves a small open hole. The doctor uses a precision instrument to remove the hair follicle and prepare it for placement.



For harvesting, "reception sites" are made in the thinning area using a fine needle-point tool. The doctor then uses a powerful stereo microscope to isolate the hair follicle, prepare it and keep it in an ideal condition. The doctor arranges the grafts according to the number of hairs in the follicle, usually one to four.



The follicles are then placed in pre-made recipient sites, added one by one or, if not transplanted immediately, kept in a saline or similar solution. Forceps, an implantation pen or a similar tool is used.



By following this approach, the doctor ensures the natural growth pattern of the hair. The restored hair then replicates this arrangement and takes on a natural look.

MediQhair combines excellent specialised doctors with luxurious experience to achieve fantastic results!

Price list

Our Hospital

The MediQhair FUE Technique is a custom treatment technique based on the client’s medical profile. Our specialized doctors for an extensive preliminary examination so that you get a treatment that you deserve.

Our hospital is in Konya, Turkey. Our hospital employs the best medical professionals. Our staff is happy to listen to your needs. The caregivers are lovely and sympathetic. We try to create a place where you feel welcome and at ease. We are fully committed to the experience of our patients.

Our hospital uses state-of-the-art technologies for our specialized physicians. We have all the necessary equipment to achieve optimal results.  

MediQhair’s specialized doctors deal exclusively with hair transplants. Our doctors are active in science and academia. They are constantly looking for the latest techniques and academic research in the field.


Shock uitval

Two months after the hair transplant, a moment comes that leaves many in shock. The transplanted hairs fall out, the so-called “Shock Fallout”. One month after the Shock Fallout, the transplanted hairs grow back. Shock loss is explained in more detail below.

Hair transplants usually fall out between 2-12 weeks after the operation. After the fall out, the hairs will grow back over the next 4-12 months. From 12-18 months after the operation, the hairs grow thicker, making the final result even better.

Hair has a growth cycle that is divided into 3 phases: The growth phase, transition phase and resting phase. The resting phase is the time when the hair roots shed their hairs. Hairs can enter the resting phase after the trauma of the operation.

The main traumatic events the hair goes through during a hair transplant are:

  • The hair follicle is cut out and disconnected from the blood supply
  • The hair follicle is reinserted into the scalp
  • The surrounding hairs are affected by the incisions and anaesthesia

There is no academically proven way to definitively prevent Shock Loss. In the Luxury Aftercare Package, medications and supplements are provided to promote the growth of your hair.


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    FAQ - Veel Gestelde Vragen

    Een consult over een haartransplantatie is kosteloos én vrijblijvend.

    Ja, u mag hem/haar uiteraard meenemen naar de haartransplantatie ziekenhuis, alle stappen mag hij/zij u vergezellen totdat u daadwerkelijk uw behandelkamer in gaat, daar wordt steriel gewerkt.

    Tijdens het consult wordt er door 1 van onze consulenten verteld over de ziekenhuis, de arts, de behandel dag, het verblijf en de nazorg. Uiteraard heeft u alle tijd om u vragen met betrekking tot een haartransplantatie in Turkije te stellen. Tijdens het consult wordt er ook specifiek naar uw situatie gekeken en krijgt u een maatwerk advies.

    Ja, het is belangrijk dat u ons vooraf informeert over uw medicijngebruik. Indien u bloedverdunners gebruikt moet hier tijdig (met goedkeuring van uw arts) mee gestopt worden alvorens u de haartransplantatie ondergaat.

    Op werkdagen binnen 24 uur ontvangt u de offerte, nadat de haartransplantatie arts uw foto’s beoordeelt heeft.

    Om uw haartransplantatie vast te leggen betaald u een aanbetaling van 50 % van het totaalbedrag, plus een reserveringsbedrag van € 150,- om de behandelkamers definitief in te boeken.

    U betaald het gehele bedrag voor u haartransplantatie in Konya, de ziekenhuis op uw behandeldag, dit kan met iDeal of contant.

    Ja, u kunt iemand meenemen, het omboeken naar een 2 persoonskamer + ontbijt geeft voor deze 3 nachten een meerprijs.