MediQhair wants to increase the self-confidence of men and women with hair loss. In the age of technology, people do not have to accept losing the pleasure of a full head of hair.

MediQhair combines excellent specialist doctors with luxurious experience to achieve fantastic results!


MediQhair wants to increase the self-confidence of men and women suffering from hair loss.

We guide our clients through every step of the process. Clients receive honest information that allows them to make informed decisions about their future.

Everyone has the right to self-confidence, so it must remain affordable.

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MediQhair was founded after Recep Bagiran experienced and proved the hair transplant method with himself and his own circle.

In his experience, hair transplant companies lack the personal and professionalism that patients experience.


Konya, Turkey

Konya, which is the largest province in Turkey in terms of area, has a population of 2,250,020. The municipality belonging to this settlement has been active since 1875. At the same time, it has existed as a metropolitan city since 1987. Konya is a city that attracts attention with its economy. It also makes a name for itself with its historical points and ruins.

It was also the capital of the Anatolian Seljuks and the Karamanoğulları Principality. It has always impressed its visitors with its meals.

In the course of history, it has been under the rule of the Hittites, Phrygians, Romans and Byzantines, Great Seljuks and Anatolian Seljuks. Conquered by Süleyman Shah, the ruler of the Seljuk State, Konya came under the rule of this state after the Anatolian Seljuk State was established.

Konya is a very important city in the field of faith tourism and spirituality. The history of Konya, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, dates back to prehistoric times. The history of the first settlements in the region, which was called Ikonium in ancient times, goes back to before Christ. It dates back 6000 years.

Konya is home to many historical and cultural sites. These places are; Mevlana Tomb, Karatay Madrasa, Nasreddin Hodja Tomb, Konya Archaeology Museum, Selimiye Mosque, Kilistra Old Town, Alaeddin Mosque, Eflatunpınar Hittite Monument, Atatürk Museum, İnce Minareli Madrasa, Seljuk Mansion, Sille Aya Elena Church, Catholic Church and Şemsi Tebrizi Mosque.

Konya is the centre of Anatolian cuisine. Konya cuisine is a wonderful formation that developed in the Seljuk palaces and was kneaded with Mevlevi etiquette and manners. Konya Cuisine, which has classical characteristics due to the rules it has set since the 13th century, and which is even one of the main roots on which Classic Turkish Cuisine is based, is therefore a cuisine that should be kept out of the Turkish People’s Kitchen.

Konya Cuisine has created a unique cuisine and an incredibly rich culinary culture associated with it, with its culinary architecture, tools, types of food, cooking methods, table settings, serving methods, food prepared for winter. In the Seljuk palaces, the dishes were arranged according to Oghuz painting on golden dishes and pans; it is enough to mention the greatness of Konya cuisine that the first teamwork concerning the kitchen began in the Mevlevi kitchen, and that the first chef (Ateşbaz-ı Velî), who was probably the first in the world to have a mausoleum built, was in Konya. Three delicious dishes stand out as off-the-beaten-track meals in Konya. Oven Kebab, Etliekmek and Pita with Cheese. These three dishes attract the attention of both foreigners and the residents of Konya.



MediQhair wants to increase the self-confidence of men and women with hair loss. In the technological age, people do not have to accept that they miss out on the pleasure of a full head of hair. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology in the information age, there are methods for proper hair transplantation. 

MediQhair’s method makes hair transplantation possible for men and women. They guide their clients completely through every step of the process.

Clients receive honest information with which they can make informed decisions about their future. The client only has to focus on the treatment and its aftercare.

All other matters such as transport, accommodation and care are arranged by MediQhair. Everyone has the right to self-confidence, so it must remain affordable.



MediQhair wants to make life-changing experiences unforgettable. MediQhair wants the entire hair transplant process to be a pleasant experience for the client. For this they have specialized hair transplant doctors, private VIP transfer service and partnerships with 5 star hotels.

The hair transplant will change the way you look at the world. Therefore, in addition to excellent care, the client should also enjoy the luxury experience.



MediQhair believes in specialism, a pleasant experience and personal guidance. An operation is a medical procedure and often the clients themselves do not know what they are getting into. So after surgery there are many questions, uncertainties and fears.

MediQhair personally guides its clients through this phase and strives to increase their self-confidence.


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    FAQ - Veel Gestelde Vragen

    A hair transplant consultation is free of charge and non-binding.

    Yes, you may of course take him/her with you to the hair transplant hospital, he/she may accompany you every step of the way until you actually enter the treatment room, where sterile work is performed.

    During the consultation, one of our consultants will tell you about the hospital, the doctor, the treatment day, the stay and the aftercare. Of course you have all the time to ask your questions about a hair transplant in Turkey. During the consultation we look specifically at your situation and you get a customized advice.

    Yes, it is important that you inform us about your medication in advance. If you are taking blood thinners, you should stop taking them in good time (with your doctor’s approval) before your hair transplant.

    You will receive the offer on working days within 24 hours, after the hair transplant doctor has assessed your photos.

    To secure your hair transplant, you pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount, plus a reservation fee of € 150 to book the treatment rooms permanently.

    You pay the full amount for your hair transplant in Konya, the hospital on your day of treatment, this can be done with card or cash.

    Yes, you can take someone with you, rebooking to a double room + breakfast for these 3 nights gives a surcharge.