12 Months Progression

The 34-year-old man has had problems with his hair since the age of 24. This patient, at his young age, shows a Norwood 5 pattern, with loss of definition in the frontal hairline. 

Before the hair transplant

The hair quality in the first one to two centimetres of his currently ill-defined hairline is characterised as thin and spiky, as it is hair that has been miniaturised by the effects of DHT. 

In Figures 1 and 2 are photos of the client before he had his hair transplant done.

The Hair Transplant

The patient’s donor area shows a density of 85 follicular units (FU)/cm2; he has average to above average donor luxuriance; and no miniaturisation is present in the donor area.

Figure 1.

12 Months after Hair Transplantation

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